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[Opinion] DOES LOVE TRUMP HATE? Depends on your definition of love.

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – The LGBTQ community needs to stop blaming President Trump for the division in our country. In fact, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning (LGBTQ) movement is imploding on its own! And no addition of color to the Pride flag or new acronym for the gay community can change the root of division the LGBTQ movement is creating. Instead of educating and guiding non-LGBTQ people, the community that demands tolerance is pushing a message of intolerance for anyone that may not understand or agree with their sexual orientation and desired equality outcomes. Sadly, many in the LGBTQ community are misdirecting that anger and blame at President Trump, a man that has engaged or employed gay people in everything from his businesses, to his campaign, to even his Administration. I’m proud to be embarking on a series of articles that addresses the relationship, as I see it, between fact and fiction regarding the LGBTQ community and their misinterpretations and misunderstandings of our President. We are all in this together…right?



As a gay man that is a Republican and supporter of President Trump, I have tried hard to be understanding of those in the LGBTQ community that have denounced my support. I must say I can’t be quiet on this issue anymore. In fact, I feel a need to defend those that aren’t in the LGBTQ community, and gay people, that support President Trump because I feel they are under the toughest scrutiny of all. In an effort to be counted, relevant, and equal we (the LGBTQ community) have actually polarized our movement. Arguing everything from where to pee to somehow justifying paying for sexual reassignment surgery for prisoners certainly puts a strain on understanding. What I won’t be is a victim of the intolerance of the gay community because of my conservative leanings. What I will be is an activist for those in the LGBTQ community that support President Trump. And rest assured, while the left would like you to believe that support is minimal, it’s larger and more significant than they’re willing to acknowledge.



My story isn’t really that unusual. I lived 36 years of my life in the closet and came out as an openly gay man in 2002. At the time, I was a registered Republican and certainly that didn’t sit well with many in my local LGBTQ community in Orlando. In fairness, at the time the Republican Party was very anti-LGBT. (There was no “Q’ in those days.) Therefore, I took a look around and determined the Democratic Party appeared more interested in the equality rights of the LGBTQ community. Soon then I would adjust my party affiliation to Democrat. For the next few years Democrats and Republicans would openly discuss marriage equality and few really were on board with it. In fact, Hillary Clinton is on record many times suggesting she did not support same sex marriage.

Not surprisingly, shifts in our country’s culture and acceptance of gay people and same sex marriage eventually became more acceptable, so by 2010 or so there was a unilateral shift in public perception of same sex marriage and the movement gained traction. Marriages were and continue to have a 50/50 chance of success, so straight people really couldn’t suggest the sanctimony of marriage was as revered as it once was, opening the door to same sex marriage acceptance. Eventually, as we all know, there was a landmark decision by the Supreme Court legalizing same sex marriage.

Yet many in the gay community still believe, despite no evidence, that President Trump wishes to somehow overturn same sex marriage. When people use that argument I immediately realize they don’t understand how the court ruling works. It would take an entirely new case that the Supreme Court would find merit in, that they’d even be willing to hear, for a new decision to be rendered. Despite acknowledging that would never happen, keeping the fear alive keeps some in the LGBTQ community rooted in the liberal left’s emotional pockets–just deep enough to ward off any detractors or defectors, operating more like a cult of blind sheep than a free thinking people.

In 2015, a few years after coming back to the Republican Party as a result of feeling the liberal left had hijacked the LGTBQ movement with few if any good intentions, I applied for and became the Chairman of the Orange County for Trump Campaign. The local LGBTQ community, through social media and a local LGBTQ focused publication, was outraged immediately after the announcement was made. You would have thought I was slaughtering puppies in the middle of the street. What I was experiencing was the exact opposite of what the LGBTQ community demands: tolerance. In fact, I still wake up occasionally to messages from strangers demanding I stop promoting our President because he allegedly hates gay people. What? And frankly, I’ve had enough.

You see, you can’t be a community or faction of people that seeks tolerance and be intolerant of others. There are many people in the LGBTQ community that I do not agree with, but you won’t find me attacking them or messaging them. I just accept their opinions as different than mine. But for every person that is straight, they too have their right to not accept or even acknowledge the LGBTQ community as long as they don’t provoke violence or hate. This brings me to now–trying to understand why the LGBTQ community is affixed on the idea that our President is against them.



President Trump hasn’t done one thing that violates the rights of the LGBTQ community. In fact, I would be one of the first to get loud if I felt he was intentionally causing harm or trying to reduce the equality rights of any group. I was not, nor will I be, the only gay person to work on President Trump’s campaign or in one of his over 400 companies, yet many gay leaders want to pigeonhole our President as a hater of gays. It’s not true, folks.

When you meet President Trump–and I hope and wish this for all Americans–you find the exact opposite of the fighter you see on television. He is thoughtful in his comments…genuine. In fact, the first time I met him and he asked me, “so how are we really doing in Florida?” I’m pretty sure I froze for what seemed like forever. Then I answered sincerely. The politicians I’ve known are always trying to sell you on who they are, how wonderful they are, sizing you up for a donation…but not President Trump. He’ll probably never know how much, during the multiple brief times I’ve met him, I appreciated his sincerity. I recall those encounters when I hear the hate or watch the mainstream media continue their assault on our President.

Simply stated, the LGBTQ community is failing to be the community of love often professed in hashtags, parades and vigils. Even this article, though just an opinion, will surely be met with hate versus attempts to find places of agreement, for they do exist.

The Orlando community recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Pulse tragedy. June 12, 2016, the Pulse nightclub was the site of the largest mass murder in recent United States history. Few know that in the week following Omar Mateen’s radical Islamic terrorism attack on innocent Americans, President Trump wanted to visit Orlando. It was ultimately determined that the visit would be seen as too political. Uniquely, because so few know this fact, many in the LGBTQ community think our President doesn’t care.



No comments he made in his acceptance speech of the Republican nomination, no visit, no message even on the anniversary of the Pulse tragedy will ever be enough for many in the LGBTQ community. Why? If you ask me, it’s because the liberal left has branded any and all Republicans as evil. Those same left-leaning people are now embracing the Islamic culture and suggesting President Trump’s desire to implement a travel ban is somehow racist. Let there be no confusion, Islam and many Muslim teachings denounce the LGBTQ community. ISIS drowns, beheads and throws gay people off buildings for being gay. How can any rational LGBTQ person believe Islam or Sharia is good for our country. It is distinctly possible that those who support Islam or Sharia may have a very difficult time ever assimilating into a culture where being Christian, female, Jewish or gay are welcomed.

While I’m not sure what the solution is I am sure of one thing: I am a gay man that supports and believes in our President. I know many members of the LGBTQ community that support and believe in our Commander in Chief. And for what it’s worth, I want to be part of the solution in how we continue conversations with our President, the Administration and the Republican Party to further support issues important to our community. What I can’t be part of is the facade of “all gay people choose love.” In fact, time and time again, love only is illustrated by the gay community when you agree with them, and the moment you exercise opinion that’s different. You are hated.



I end this first of many ongoing articles designed to start this conversation, the truth regarding our President and the LGBTQ community, with the words I used during my speech as we welcomed President Trump to Central Florida in 2016, “I am a man that is a Republican that is gay and I will not go back into the closet because I am supporting Donald J. Trump for President.” I will continue that mantra as I support President Trump to reelection in 2020. And for any member of the LGBTQ community or others that seeks to truly learn more and continue the conversation, I welcome it! Leave a comment below this article or on our social media pages, and share the article with your friends and family, even if you disagree. We truly are all in this together! #Trump4America2020


Randy Ross is a political contributor for Florida National News. He is also the host of “Trump Chat LIVE” and was Chairman of the 2016 Orange County 4 Trump Campaign.

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