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    PARKLAND, Fla. (FNN NEWS) - 17 dead and multiple injured in mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Wednesday. Photo: Willie David/Florida National News.…


[OPINION] Supporting President Trump Doesn’t Make You a Racist!

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – The events of Charlottesville, Virginia were tragic and unfortunate–a young life taken all too soon while exercising her First Amendment right to free speech. Tragic, as well, is the desire to lump together all white Americans that voted for and continue to support President Donald Trump as instigators and supporters of hate. Confederate statues are either being vandalized, taken down or moved all throughout the nation. Police officers are being ambushed and executed and some Americans openly support it. These and other observations of the political process are pushing Americans to a civil war, and for what? Because the words don’t come out quick enough or aren’t as precise as people might prefer?

Any American who desires to blame our President for the considerable upheaval in our country is clearly and craftily manipulated by the mainstream media. Uniquely, as a result of the media brainwashing, people are marching and walking with anger and hate I’ve not seen in my adult life. Is this really the messaging we want the youth of our country to acknowledge?

What’s interesting is the water cooler conversations people are still resorting to in quietly supporting our President. A few brave ones might engage on social media, but many simply preferring to keep their support private. Over the weekend I spoke with a couple that owned a small business in Florida who are Trump supporters. Once they learned I was a Trump supporter they opened up their fear in letting customers become aware of their support of our President, and it hit me. I’ve been hearing about this fear since the day I became the Chairman of the Orange County Trump campaign–fear some had of vandalism or worse if they put something as innocent as a Trump bumper sticker on their car or campaign sign in their yard. Even though I learned, over time, to accept the extreme anger the liberal left had with our now president, it doesn’t mean I understood it.

63 million American soldiers elected Donald Trump to be president because they were tired of the status quo. Why anyone is surprised of the bloody fight he’s having in the Washington swamp is beyond me. We knew our President was not a politician. We knew sometimes our President said things we wished our President wouldn’t say or say a bit differently. But we voted for our President and continue to support our President because we were tired of the political elite pushing their own agendas versus an agenda for America. The alternative was Hillary Clinton. Have Americans simply forgotten this?

The challenges in our country are not because we elected President Trump, even though the media would like us to believe this. No, the challenges we’re facing might be as close as parents, over time, discontinuing conversations at the dinner table teaching their children to respect our country and its ideals, dinner time conversations addressing the horrible parts of history, like racism, as teachable moments versus a lifetime desire to somehow correct the past. There are no modern day slave owners, so outside of acknowledging the past, what else must we endure for some type of victory to be obtained?

The media keeps asking our president to heal with his words and not be a divider. And I simply ask, what has he said that is truly divisional? There was evil on both sides in Charlottesville. Extremism of all sides is unacceptable in a free society. However, you can’t title your movement with your race and not somehow predict there may be attacks on that very title. I’ll add…I doubt anything our president would have said this past week at anytime would ever have been enough for the media and those against him.

Unlike some Americans buying into this push to destroy civility in our country, I prefer to hope and pray for a period of calm so we can breathe and get onto the work our country so desperately needs.

My grandmother used to often say the biblical words, “There will be wars and rumors of wars,” (Matthew 24:16) when I was a young child. At the time, I just thought she was quoting scripture. She obviously was wise beyond her years. Americans, the war is here and instead of focusing on the enemy, like ISIS, Americans are redirecting their anger towards our President and holding him accountable for civil unrest of decades.

I’m not sure what the future holds. What I can say? This is not the America I grew up learning about. Even in our darkest moments I recall an America that united and came together for the better good. In so many ways, there are a few making it seem like our country is doomed. However, I invite you to look at the economy. I invite you to truly look at history and learn the truth behind why some of our most revered historic leaders were often prejudiced in their time. I invite you to read the United States Constitution and learn about the Americans who signed it–many wealthy in advance of the declaration and dying penniless after.

I’m tired of apologizing for being white in America. I’m tired of the media dictating how I should feel about what our President does and doesn’t do. But most, I’m tired of watching young and old of all races taking to the streets ripping down statues and carrying tiki torches to symbolize freedom of speech at its worst. It’s time to move on and allow our president to lead our country like his soldiers elected him to do. If all you’re doing is going after the President, then you’re part of the problem. God bless each and every American no matter your gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or race. This is America, not a third world country. We need to treat her with more respect. Lady Liberty is shaking her head.


Randy Ross is a political contributor for Florida National News. | news@floridanationalnews.com

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