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Randy Ross to Run for Orange County Republican Executive Committee Chair

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – Randy Ross, Orange County Chairman for Donald Trump’s successful presidential campaign, is running for Orange County Republican Executive Committee Chairman.

Ross recently announced his bid to challenge incumbent Lew Oliver, who is planning to run for reelection.

In an open letter to Orange County Republican Executive Committee members, Ross vows to “Make Orange County Red Again.”


Ross on Inspiration

“You can create and dream the most wonderful place in the world…but it takes people to make the dream a reality,” Walt Disney. These words inspired me when I first came to Orlando in 1987 to complete my Public Relations internship at Walt Disney World, and they still inspire me today. As I announce my next move politically and how I hope to use a lifetime of experience to move the Orange County Republican Party forward, I am reminded…this task will not be easy. The numbers are against us. Then again, many didn’t believe Mr. Trump would be the nominee…and now he’s President-elect. I believe in the citizens of Orange County and that together we can Make Orange County “RED” Again.


Ross on Voter Registration

The one thing we must acknowledge is how successfully the Democrats are at voter registration and get out the vote efforts. In Orange County there are over 100,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans, and nearly as many NPA (No Party Affiliation) voters as Republicans. The numbers simply don’t lie. Without a substantial shift in focus and registration efforts, Orange County will never be RED. And that’s where I think I can help. No secret…that’s where the strength to rebuild begins. We can’t wait a few weeks ahead of an election and hope for the best. The odds change only when the numbers do. It’s really that simple.


Ross on Leadership

In one year we have worked diligently to change the face of the local party. We’ve illustrated that with passion and hard work, despite the odds, you can organize and motivate people behind a common purpose. No other presidential campaign in Orange County came close to our organized, energized and methodic execution. In addition to leading the campaign efforts for Orange County I took the lead on office negotiations, Regional Management of all three Orange County Trump/Victory offices and their teams and rallied our leadership and volunteers to reinvent what was a less than inspired effort in Orange County. Orange County, under my leadership, led the state in field operations not seen in years. My leadership was acknowledged by local, state and national leadership and campaign staff numerous times as well as Mr. Trump and the Trump family. So now the question is how do we harness this energy to ensure Republicans win in 2018, 2020 and beyond? We must change the status quo. The time has come to take the risk necessary to rally for the future, and that cannot and will not occur without change in our local leadership.


Ross on His Role with the Trump Campaign

In my role as Trump Campaign Chairman for Orange County, I’ve had the honor of touring literally every part of our county to present, meet with, and discuss mutual passions and goals for Americans. I’ve had the distinction of not only introducing and meeting our President-elect, but his children as well as Florida and national campaign staff. I take pride in having worked diligently, with new and unique donors, to bring a change in the fundraising movement for Mr. Trump even though that was not in my scope of work. I’ve had the privilege of working with all 66 other county Chairs to talk about the future and there is strength in unification. And I did so as a volunteer…because I believed that much in our candidate, America, and our need for change. These resources and experience bring huge benefits to our local processes and candidates, as Mr. Trump takes on the highest role in the free world as President of the United States. I’m running for Chairman not only because members of OCREC asked, but more importantly, because I know the time is now to make a difference for Republicans in Orange County. I’m a proven leader who listens and leads with humility, and I know that not all the answers rest with me. In fact, the critical lesson I’ve learned is you MUST surround yourself with people inherently stronger than you. Leadership from behind.


Ross on general election losses

I was dismayed by the loss of Congressman Mica, and other candidates such as Dean Asher, Edward DeAguilera  and Thuy Lowe. I will work to create the conditions that diminish the chances of suffering these losses in the future. We must begin with robust Orange County-wide registration efforts. We must organize more than one major fundraiser a year so we are in a stronger financial position to assist local candidates. Quarterly I propose we bring in state and national speakers for breakfast and luncheon fundraising events. And finally, we must recruit and retain new members through a revitalization of our meetings, both formal and informal, to ensure fellowship and like-minded camaraderie. These were the tools to our success in helping Donald J. Trump win Florida and ultimately the election. I am the only person running for Chair that possesses the proven history of developing programs to accomplish the goals as stated. Couple this with an increased social media strategy for OCREC membership and recruitment purposes and the possibilities are infinite.


The Orange County Republican Executive Committee elections will be held December 2016.

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