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AP Was There: Martin Luther King Jr. sentenced to chain gang

DECATUR, Ga. (AP) — EDITOR’S NOTE — The year of 1960 was a pivotal year for civil rights in America. Segregationist politicians insisted on upholding racist laws and policies that denied black people equal access to many aspects of public life. Legal challenges moved slowly. That year’s presidential candidates vied for the support of southern…

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AP Courtside: Supreme Court wraps up its 1st phone arguments

WASHINGTON (AP) — The coronavirus pandemic has forced the tradition-bound Supreme Court into some big changes. Starting Monday, the justices are hearing arguments by telephone for the first time. The court will hear a total of 10 cases over six days, including President Donald Trump’s bid to keep certain financial records private. You can listen here. Here are…

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Police Investigate Miami Shipping Company for 15,000 Missing N95 Respirator Masks for First Responders

MIAMI, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – Hospitals, healthcare professionals, state and local governments in Florida are scrambling to locate and purchase thousands or even millions of N95 respirator masks needed to protect healthcare workers and first responders from the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.   N95 Respirator Masks a Global Hot Commodity The Miami Herald reported that the…

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Feds uncover scheme to fraudulently sell 39 million N95 respirator masks to US hospitals

Federal law enforcement has disrupted a foreign criminal scheme to fraudulently sell 39 million N95 respirator masks to US health care workers, a Justice Department official said in an interview with CNN. Scott Brady, the United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, told CNN the Justice Department has launched an investigation into two foreign entities…

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Walmart Shooting Suspect Charged with Federal Hate Crimes

WASHINGTON (AP) — The man accused of killing 22 people and wounding two dozen more in a shooting that targeted Mexicans in the border city of El Paso, Texas, has been charged with federal hate crimes. Patrick Crusius, 21, has been charged with 90 counts under federal hate crime and firearms laws for his role…

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3 Dead, Including Shooter, in Gunfire at Florida Naval Base

PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) — A shooter opened fire at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola Friday morning in an attack that left three people dead including the assailant, and multiple people injured. The gunfire prompted a massive law enforcement response to the base, which was locked down. Base spokesman Jason Bortz told The Associated Press…

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