Charlie Crist Showcases Grassroots Momentum at Florida Democrats’ Leadership Blue Convention

With $12 Million Raised, 160+ Community Leader Endorsements, and 4 Unions Backing Him, Crist’s Campaign Charges Into Primary with Massive Lead

Watch Charlie’s Leadership Blue Speech Here

TAMPA — This weekend, Charlie Crist, candidate for governor of Florida, dominated at the Florida Democratic Party’s annual Leadership Blue convention, where support for Charlie poured in from across the state in the race to unseat Ron DeSantis.

Crist’s campaign continues to charge into the primary with an untouchable lead that includes over $12 million total raised, endorsements from influential elected officials like Representative Anna Eskamani and Leader-Designate Fentrice Driskell, and the support of the Florida House of Labor with the Florida AFL-CIO backing Charlie.

Here’s a look at Crist’s weekend:

To kick off the weekend, Charlie earned the endorsement of the Democratic Public Education Caucus of Florida (DPECF) to be the next governor of Florida, as he was joined throughout the convention by community leaders, electeds, and supporters who all share his vision of a Florida for all and are ready to elect him Florida’s next governor this November.

“Crist has received a bevy of education-based endorsements, including that of the Florida Education Association, the largest union of educators in the state, representing about 150,000 educators, staff, and higher education professionals. The Teachers Union of Dade County in May also extended an endorsement for Crist.” — The Capitolist


On Saturday, Charlie visited and spoke at 9 caucus meetings where supporters and elected officials rallied to hear Crist discuss issues of importance to the LGBTQ+ community, Florida’s women, and seniors.

Charlie also rolled out two major policy plans, Freedom to Learn, Charlie’s vision for Florida’s education system, and Accessibility for All, Charlie’s plan to support the disability community across Florida.

Charlie was welcomed to speak at the LGBTQ+ Caucus meeting by State Representative and long-standing LGBTQ+ advocate, Rep. Carlos Guilermo Smith.

“Second and most importantly is having a gubernatorial candidate who has the absolute best chance of unseating Gov. Ron DeSantis,” said Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith in a speech to the LGBTQ+ Caucus. “I know that each of these criteria will be fiercely debated among Democrats. But I tell you in my heart that I believe that person is Charlie Crist.”


Tabling and Grassroots Support

In between caucuses, Charlie spent the day surrounded by grassroots supporters from all corners of the state excited to take a quick selfie with Crist and share their enthusiasm for his campaign.

“With about five weeks left before the primary, Crist has built a solid fundraising advantage and has endorsements from more than 100 elected Democratic officials and the backing of labor unions and progressive leaders alike,” — CNN.

Charlie also met Leadership Blue’s coffee needs with a Crist campaign provided coffee cart for all Leadership Blue attendees to enjoy free, fresh-brewed coffee in Crist-branded cups.

Step Team March In

Alongside Charlie and Team Crist, the Young Kings Hierarchy step team, a local step group based in Pinellas County, marched into the Leadership Blue gala reception with a commanding routine in support of Charlie’s race for governor.

The Gala

Charlie ended the night by delivering remarks at the Leadership Blue gala alongside other Democratic leaders, including Rep. Val Demings.

Crist’s speech laid out the stakes in this upcoming election, while sharing his vision of a just and truly free Florida.

“We are ready for a governor focused on creating good jobs and safer communities – not culture wars. We are ready for a governor who will fight for Floridians – not for their own White House ambitions. We can take back our government. Stand up to hate. Build a Florida for All. And with your help, we will win this November!” – Charlie Crist.

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