Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Commissioner Mayra Uribe

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN) – In a 2020 interview, Commissioner Mayra Uribe said that her passion for politics came from her mother, an immigrant like her father, both of who came to the United States escaping the conflicts in their native Argentina and Colombia. Unfortunately, Uribe’s mother passed away before she became a commissioner, so she says she dedicates her work to her memory.

Uribe has lived in Orange County all her life, married to her husband of over twenty years, Kevin Sutton, a radio host and director of Boot Camp for New Dads, a fatherhood nonprofit program. They have two children, a 17-year-old daughter, and a four-year-old boy. Before getting into politics she ran her own business and has been involved with the Girl Scouts. Her first political job was as an aide to Senator Bill Nelson.

She won her first term in office in 2018, after an emergency election following Pete Clarke’s resignation in an eventually failed bid for Orange County mayor. She sought reelection in 2020, going precisely against Clarke, in a race that was not without controversy, with Uribe even accusing Clarke of stalking her. She won reelection with almost 59% of the vote.

Her main issues are transportation, the environment, education, and economic growth. She has worked for fair taxes, affordable housing, safer neighborhoods, support and resources for better education, and sustainability. She was critical at the beginning of the pandemic to get accurate COVID-19 information in Spanish for the Hispanic communities of Central Florida, to the point that now most press conferences on the subject now have a Spanish interpreter.

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