How to Get the Enviable Emmys Statement Jewelry Looks for Yourself


by Donna Foreverserenity


The celebrities at this year’s Emmys wore stunning outfits. Did you know that Lorraine Schwartz is the “go-to” designer for many celebrities who walk the red carpet? Wearing any of her jewelry always makes a statement.

Actresses Sophia Vergara and Jayne Lynch, entertainment and television personality Maria Menounos, and Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi wore my favorite pieces. Sofia wore Lorraine Schwartz emeralds worth $7 million!


Sofia Vergara Emmys 2013 jewelry


I wanted to see what we “regular people” could find in comparison. These La Preciosa gems are in pastels and not brightly hued, but they do make quite the statement.

La Preciosa silver gemstone hanging earrings

Sterling Silver Gem Stones Dangle Earrings on
Cost – $31.99!


This gorgeous Palm Beach Jewelry ring is a fitting match to the earrings.

Amethyst and sterling silver ring

Emerald cut Amethyst and White over Sterling Silver
Cost – $69.99



Jane Lynch wore a beautifully crafted gold lariat-style statement necklace.

Jane Lynch Emmys 2013


I found a budget-friendly Fallon Jewelry piece at Shopbop.

gold classique lariat necklace

Gold classique lariat necklace at Shopbop
Cost – $125



Maria Menounos‘ stunning statement emeralds, also by Lorraine Schwartz.

Maria Menounos wearing emerald jewelry during the 2013 Emmys


This ShopFrenchie necklace might not have emeralds, but you can basically get yourself any jewelry that has the look and sophistication to add a touch of class to whatever you wear.

Smoky grey and green necklace

Smokey grey and Sea foam Mint Green found on Etsy
Cost – $39.50

Padma Lakshmi wearing Robert Lee Morris’ gold armlet and earrings.

Padma Lakshmi at the 2013 Emmys wearing gold armlets and earrings


I found nice StoneDelite gold armlets on Etsy.

gold armlets

Gold Armlet, Upper arm Cuff & Armband on Etsy
Cost – $22.00

brass armlet by loubijoux

Hero Vintage Brass Armlet by loubijoux on Etsy
Cost – $26.31


The earrings… To. Die. For. What a great match to the armlets.

gold hammered earrings

Gold hammered earrings by BellaJewelsInc on Etsy
Cost – $17.00


These are on-trend with the styles worn by many fashionistas today. Are you ready to go shopping?


Sofia Vergara pic: source

La Preciosa earrings:

Palm Beach Jewelry Amethyst ring: source

Jane Lynch photo: source

Fallon Jewelry gold lariat necklace: source

Maria Menounos photo: source

Smokey grey and sea foam mint green necklace: Etsy

Padma Lakshmi photo: source

StoneDelite Gold armlet, upper arm cuff, and arm band: Etsy

Loubijoux hero vintage brass armlet: Etsy

BellaJewelsInc gold hammered earrings: Etsy



headshot of Donna Reid -- ForeverserenityAbout the Author:

Donna (aka Foreverserenity) is a wife, mother of three, and grandmother of one. She loves to write and blogs about fashion, lifestyle, her fitness quest, culture, poetry, and music. She’s on Twitter as @foreverserenity, has over 50 boards on Pinterest, and blogs at, and She considers herself to be an independent thinker, living randomly in life’s moments.



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