Model-Actress April Wilkner Talks America’s Next Top Model and New Film ‘Chasing Taste’

LOS ANGELES, CA. (FNN NEWS) — Thrill-seeking model and actress April Wilkner is perfectly comfortable with disruption. The Providence, Rhode Island native became known around the world as a contestant on Tyra Banks’ hit reality series America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) and maximized her time on the show, despite having no prior modeling experience. She is a delightful mix of Japanese, German, Irish, Welsh, and Scottish, and can fluently speak Japanese, French, and English. She now juggles modeling, traditional art, and any other unique adventures on for size, including the new movie Chasing Taste, which releases today on VOD.

“The most tragic and dangerous thing to do is act from a place of thinking everything is safe. Nothing’s safe.” – April Wilkner

Wilkner previously studied at New York University and graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Journalism, Communications, and Creative Arts, and trained at the Atlantic Theater in 2005. She was living in Florida when she auditioned for ANTM and was cast. She laughed about the experience during a recent interview with Florida National News. “I had never modeled before, and here I was on a photo shoot naked [being airbrushed] for America’s Next Top Model.” She admitted that she was terrified at the time, but now fully embraces uncertainty.

Since then, her career has flourished. She has appeared on Cycles 2, 8, 10, and 12 of ANTM, “Guiding Light” and “Golden Boy” (CBS), “Royal Pains” (USA), and Netflix’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” among others. She is with VCA Talent and Abrams Artists in L.A. and recently signed with L.A. Models in Los Angeles, CA. She has been featured in Stuff Magazine, and has done runway and print work for Valentino, Vivienne Westwood, and Emporio Armani, and shot two editorials for Marie Claire and COVER magazines. She has done style segments for Macy’s and was the NY Rangers and NY Knicks fan correspondent.

Today’s New VOD Release Chasing Taste

Chasing Taste, is a rom-com about food, love, and lies under an NYC Skyline. The movie follows Chase Guidry, a down and out writer who quickly becomes a top food critic in New York City. However, when a freak accident robs him of his sense of smell and taste, his team of “smellers” help him carry on his career, and he’s riding the wave until the wheels fall off. Wilkner stars as Savannah.

April Wilkner on Acting

Wilkner has her acting sights high. “I would love to [play] an intense, surreal, sci-fi drama character…a woman with a superhuman power.” She told FNN News that the best part of acting for her is that the child in her gets to show up play pretend. Of all her creative pursuits, acting is her favorite. “If I could go on set every day and tell a story that empowers me and other people, I can die a happy woman.”

But her passion doesn’t end in front of the camera.

April Wilkner Behind and Off the Camera

Among her many hats are the titles Producer and Director. She directed the SAG short “At This Table,” and was field producer for several Victoria’s Secret projects, including the behind the scenes videos and pink carpet celebrity interviews for Victoria’s Secret All Access during the 2013 runway show on CBS, and the 2012 Valentine’s Day Promo. She also field produced the video release of Snooki Perfume by Nicole Polizzi in 2011.

Wilkner also began painting a year ago, and sells her works on, with paintings made from recycled materials. Proceeds from purchases go to Miller Children’s Hospital.

Her advice for success is as disruptive as her passions. “Let go of seeking the guarantee of success,” she stated, instead exhorting people to make growing the goal. “Growth comes in being uncomfortable.” She said always asks herself, “What’s the scariest thing I can do right now? Am I making the choice that’s the most terrifying?” And for her, acting is the most terrifying of all her skills.

Which is precisely why she continues to push the envelope. And she has only just begun. She’ll next be seen in Sam, produced by Mel Brooks, this fall. “Bring the unknown on.”

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