Charlie Crist Blasts Governor DeSantis for Anti-Science Speech at Conservative Conference

ST. PETERSBURG — Today, Charlie Crist, candidate for governor, condemned Governor Ron DeSantis for continuing to put politics above the well-being of Floridians, and traveling to Utah to deliver an anti-mask, anti-science speech in front of a conservative organization, credited with drafting the voter suppression legislation that has popped up in Republican states across the country.

Even as Florida becomes the epicenter of the newest surge of COVID cases, Governor DeSantis continues to denounce mask wearing and COVID restrictions that would stop the spread of the virus and keep families safe.

Crist made the following statement:

“Florida leads the nation in COVID infections — accounting for 20 percent of new cases in the U.S. Our hospitals are being overrun by sick patients, families are losing their loved ones, and our children are facing another difficult and confusing school year. But where’s Governor DeSantis? He’s profiting from selling merchandise that demonizes our nation’s top doctor while traveling the country, making speeches in front of conservative groups, laughing in the face of science and turning his back on Floridians — all so he can collect a check for his upcoming presidential campaign. The Governor has blood on his hands. Floridians are dying because of his failure to lead. Florida deserves better.”

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