Florida State Representative Michael Grieco Files Animal Abuse Bill

MIAMI – Representative Michael Grieco (D-Miamifiled HB 435 today. Representative Grieco, who sits in his third year as Ranking Minority Member of the House Subcommittee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety and is both a criminal defense attorney and former state prosecutor, has just filed a bill expanding definitions and increasing penalties for animal fighting and abuse.

Representative Grieco states, “Anyone who commits bestiality is just evil and the fact that it is only a misdemeanor in Florida to commit depraved acts on animals is in need of correction. I am usually the last person in Tallahassee to call for increasing any criminal penalties, but after the Feds had to take lead against that veterinarian in Aventura earlier this year I wanted to make sure state statute grew some teeth.”

HB 435 not only increases penalties for sexual contact with animals but it expands definitions and adds a clause to the current animal fighting prohibitions.

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