Nick Foles on Day 1 of Training Camp: ‘A Solid Foundational Start’

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (FNN SPORTS) – The Jacksonville Jaguars began summer training camp Thursday and quarterback Nick Foles gave an optimistic assessment of his team when he spoke with the media afterward. “I felt like today—obviously there’s still a lot of things to work on but it was a solid foundational start,” he told the press. “I mean, we didn’t have phase one and two to go out there and throw, this is our first time throwing together and I thought we did a nice job of getting back into it. Now we just got to keep taking it to the next level and expect more out of ourselves every day.”

Foles also talked a little bit about practicing in the offseason and how he liked to switch things up a bit, which got him excited to return to training after OTAs and after his wife’s recovery. ““This [today] was my second time throwing. My other time throwing was with my wife. She ran some routes and my brother-in-law caught a few. In the offseason guys have different routines, I always like getting away from it for a little bit…I was excited to get back and throw and fire it around.”

He was also optimistic about the offensive line: “I feel like ultimately those guys are blocking great and as long as they can give me a pocket to jump up into and move. We had some of those today where I was able to step up with a high rush, get into the heart of the pocket, and deliver a throw. We might not have completed it every time, but we made some strides and they’re doing a nice job.”

When asked about what his measuring stick is for having a successful season with the Jaguars, he countered with a more focused outlook. “Ultimately everyone has the same goals, to win a championship. For me, it’s really just approaching every day and staying in the moment…because what’s amazing is if you can do that, and you can do the best in every single moment you live, it’s amazing how many games you’re going to win, and it’s amazing what games you are going to win.”


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