Orange County Law Enforcement Kicks Off Operation Safe Holidays

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN) – All seven law enforcement agencies for Orange County started Operation Safe Holidays, its annual safety protocol to increase security for residents and visitors to the county during the holiday season.

“Law enforcement will be out in our communities to keep our residents, visitors and business communities safe,” said Orlando Chief of Police Orlando Rolón. “You will see more law enforcement in crowded shopping areas. But we cannot do this on our own. Law enforcement needs citizens willing to inform of suspicious activities. I cannot stress this enough: When you see something, say something.”

Rolón pointed out that there are criminal elements that take advantage of the season to take packages left at residential doors to resale. “If you’re buying online or you’re expecting a package to arrive, make sure that there’s someone home to receive it, or schedule a specific time, or try to pick it up at the business,” he added.

Rolón also welcomed the return of international tourism, now that the Biden administration has lifted its ban on international travel starting November 8, something critical for Florida, since it receives up to $6 billion a year from tourists.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina reminded everyone that officers from all county law agencies will be present in shopping centers, in patrol cars, unmarked vehicles, on bike and horseback, and he insisted in the help of citizens alerting of suspicious activity, as well as neighbor coordination and package hiding. “There will be six burglar boxes all over Orange County where you can leave those big TV boxes, for example, so you don’t tell the thieves you got a big TV for Christmas,” Mina added.

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