Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hold Groundhog Day Media Conference

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers held a virtual media confernce this Groundhog Day. While Tom Brady was nowhere to be found, his name came up quite often in conversation. As Coach Bruce Arians said, “He’s just one of the guys. Tom does such a great job working with the younger and older players, it’s like having another coach on the field.” According to Arians, once the Bucs signed Brady, “That was the missing piece.”

Bucs RB LeSean McCoy

The Bucs’ RB LeSean McCoy won a championship last year with the Kansas City Chiefs. When asked about the process of choosing a team this past summer, he carefully evaluated his options. “The Bucs were the best decision, being with Gronk and Tom Brady. The goal is to win a championship.”

Bucs K Ryan Succop

K Ryan Succop also joined the Bucs this season, and had positive things to say about Brady. “It’s been awesome to play with the greatest player of all time. He’s been awesome; he’s a tremendous leader. He’s really, really nice to everybody, really kind. It’s great to see somebody in his position treat everyone the way he does.”

Bucs TE Cameron Brate

TE Cameron Brate commented on the unusual events that have happened this past season. “It’s been a crazy year! With the quarantine… the Bucs sign Tom Brady and Gronk… I got sick with COVID… now we get to play a Super Bowl at home. As long as we get to win, I’m pretty pumped.

LeSean McCoy was also asked to compare the six-time champion Quarterback with four-time NBA champion, LeBron James. “Tom Brady and LeBron, they both kind of motivate the team. I see similarities between the teams. A lot of people didn’t think the Bucs would win, I remember people saying the same thing about the Lakers. So I see some similarities.”

In other Super Bowl news (not related to Tom Brady), Coach Arians also addressed his return to coaching after a brief retirement. “Broadcasting was fun. I had no itch to come back. I got excited because of this job. We put the whole group back together. It’s been a blessing.” When asked about his post-Super Bowl victory plans, Coach Arians said he hopes to “Celebrate with all our players and coaches. We’ll find an adult beverage somewhere and have a great time.”

Kicker Ryan Succop pointed out something which could play a role in the game Sunday at Raymond James Stadium. “Because both ends (of the stadium) are open, wind is a factor.” Early weather forecasts for the Super Bowl include 13 mph winds and a 70 percent chance of rain.

Bucs LB Lavonte David

As LB Lavonte David commented on waiting nine years to play in a Super Bowl, “I’m taking it all in, happy to be here. I don’t know when I’ll be here again.”

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