The World Celebrates as Biden, Harris Announced Projected Winners

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (FNN) – History gained another milestone at noon Saturday. After what seemed like a week frozen in time, former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris were named the projected winners of this year’s presidential election after the Philadelphia votes came in, and viewers across the nation and the world erupted in celebration.

This projected win marks the U.S.’s first woman (and simultaneously first black, first Caribbean American and first Asian American) Vice President-elect in Senator Harris, and consequently, the first-ever Second Gentleman in her husband. Furthermore, this election had Joe Biden tallying the highest popular vote in history–even surpassing his close friend and former boss, Barack Obama.

2020 election results map. Source: AP.

Source: AP.

Some news outlets called certain key states sooner than others, such as the Associated Press, who called battleground states Wisconsin and Arizona early in the week, while outlets such as NBC News and ABC News held out until the very end of the week, when each of the respective states incrementally released tranches of ballot counts by the thousands, or in cases such as Nevada and Pennsylvania, hundreds of thousands.

During the nail-biting process which saw Biden and Trump separated by one or two percentage points–and sometimes even less, such a tenth of a point–Biden addressed the nation, urging everyone to be patient, trust the process, and to let every vote be counted.

President Trump addressed the nation for the first time since Election Night during primetime Thursday with a statement that many networks chose not to run in its entirety, citing the President’s numerous “falsehoods” and “lies,” as reported by the New York Times, New York Post, and others. “If you count the legal votes, I easily win,” President Trump said in his address tot he nation. “If you count the illegal votes–they’re trying to steal the election from us…”

Biden managed to reach 270 electoral votes first, though votes are still being in counted. The AP still hasn’t called Alaska or North Carolina yet, both of which appear will go to President Trump.

2020 electoral votes map. Source: AP.

Source: AP.


Twitter lit up with congratulatory tweets. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tweeted a brief video of himself on his cell phone while driving through Brooklyn. “I called Joe Biden, and I put up the phone to let him hear Brooklyn cheering,” Senator Schumer tweeted. “He loved it.”


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