[VIDEO] R&B Greats Teddy Riley and Keith Sweat Crash MAJOR’s Essence Festival Interview

NEW ORLEANS, La. (FNN NEWS) – The final night of the three-day sold-out 2018 Essence Festival was packed with top performers, including Janet Jackson, Fantasia, Teddy Riley and others at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome…but the action wasn’t only onstage or in the Superlounges.

Before or after stars would grace a stage, they would also do press junkets, and many did one-on-one interviews. Singer/songwriter MAJOR, who rose to fame with what has become the new wedding anthem, “This Is Why I Love You,” is one of the many artists who chose to do one-on-one interviews on the final night of the festival, and got a major surprise.

During MAJOR’s one-on-one interview with Florida National News, R&B legends Teddy Riley and Keith Sweat, who had just finished an interview with The Recording Academy, crashed the interview. MAJOR was instantly starstruck. He stopped the interview to greet and honor them both. When he tried to return to the interview, he was also greeted by Jeriel Johnson, Executive Director of The Recording Academy’s Washington, D.C. chapter, who MAJOR immediately calls out while the camera was still rolling. “Hey, brother. You didn’t call me not once…I was like, ‘oh, so you out here?'”

MAJOR was elaborating on his style influences when he got the surprise. Once the moment passed, he spoke about the power of Keith Sweat and Teddy Riley’s inspiration and influence on not only his music, but on everyone.


Willie David and Mellissa Thomas contributed to this report. |

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