Noor Salman Trial: Pulse Gunman’s Father Was FBI Informant For 11 Years

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – In the Noor Salman trial Monday, FBI testimony revealed that Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen had a long history with the FBI in not one way, but three–one of which proved a massive bombshell. First: Omar Mateen’s own father worked as an FBI informant for 11 years. Second: The FBI had previously interrogated Mateen and found that he had lied to them, which leads to the third revelation: Despite his lying to the FBI, the Bureau considered making Mateen an FBI informant.

It was additionally reported Monday that Mateen had friends in law enforcement. When asked if Mateen ever made disparaging statements about homosexuals, two friends testified that he did not. One testified that Mateen in fact admired the LGBT community’s ability to galvanize to solve a problem or injustice.

More updates in the trial are forthcoming. Stay tuned to Florida National News for this developing story.


Mellissa Thomas is Editor for Florida National News. |

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