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[OPINION] The GOP is Now the Party of Trump

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN) – Good news for QAnon conspiracy theorists, bad news for democracy: Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere. By recent history’s standards, former president Donald J. Trump was one of the most destructive and dangerous leaders in the United States and he is here to stay. Trump and his compatriots transformed the GOP from…

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[OPINION] Yes, American Democracy is at Risk

ORLANDO, Fla. – On January 6, 2021, the United States witnessed more history in the making. As United States representatives and senators went to work to confirm the electoral college votes for the duly elected President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, thousands of people showed up to persuade congress to overturn the election…

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New Orange Soil & Water Conservation District Board Holds 1st Meeting, Elects Officers

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN) – The newly sworn-in Orange Soil & Water Conservation District Board held its first meeting for the year in Orange County Commission Chambers in Downtown Orlando at 1pm Friday. Supervisor Dawn Curtis, the only remaining Supervisor from the previous board, led the meeting, familiarizing her fellow supervisors Nathaniel Douglas (Seat 1), Karolyn…

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