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What Exactly is Sartorial Summer Style?

by Lex Ansley   When it comes to custom style and clothing, one need look no further than sartorial fashion .The great sartorialists of our time embrace tailored looks that still allow for self-expression. But what is sartorial style? And what does that mean for summer styling?   Sartorial is defined as: of or relating…

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Fashion Pays it Forward, Too: Sanford-Brown College Orlando Immerses Youth Through Workshops

by Mellissa Thomas   International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT), Orlando’s premier fashion design school, has joined the Sanford-Brown family of schools, expanding its degree program offerings to include cinema production, game design and production, post production, multimedia, photography, and film and video – and that’s just their Media Arts area of study. Their…

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Actionable Fashion: Summer Vacation Essentials

by Danisha LaShae   I think every girl feels like she may be stopped by the paparazzi while on vacation, and, just in case, needs to make sure she’s looking her best. (Okay, maybe that’s a little obsessive, but you catch my drift.) Vacation is all about feeling carefree, relaxing, and spending time with either…

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Where Did the Bikini Come From?

by Lex Ansley By today’s standards, the bikini is the most recognizable part of summer swimwear. Oddly enough, the modern bikini has a history spanning just under 70 years. From its designer reveal in the 40’s to the modern styles of today, the bikini has evolved and taken swimwear by storm.   The Modern Bikini’s…

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