Trump Campaign Launches ‘Native Americans for Trump’ with Kick-Off Event Featuring Donald Trump Jr.

WILLIAMS, Az. — Yesterday, Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. officially launched the ‘Native Americans for Trump’ coalition with an event at the Williams Rodeo Grounds in Williams, Arizona featuring Donald Trump Jr. President Trump has been the fiercest ally of the Native American community, and the grassroots support for him around the country is reflected in the launch of the campaign’s newest coalition.

“President Trump has shown unprecedented support for the Native American Community by advocating for tribal sovereignty and providing real solutions to the critical issues facing the Tribal Nations,” said Donald Trump Jr. “Native Americans for Trump is mobilizing support for President Trump’s re-election because four more years under this Administration’s leadership means a greater future for our communities for generations to come.”

Native Americans for Trump is focused on mobilizing Tribal Nations for President Trump’s re-election. Never before have we seen an American President dedicated to uplifting and protecting the Native American community. Re-electing the President will ensure greater economic opportunity, safer tribal communities, and better healthcare policies for generations to come.

Sharon E. Clahchischilliage, Navajo, and Carlyle Begay, Navajo, will lead the ‘Native Americans for Trump’ coalition as co-chairs.

Other key members of ‘Native Americans for Trump’ include:

Ben Keel, Chickasaw
T.W. Shannon, Chickasaw
Jason Lambert, Cherokee
Michael Stopp, Cherokee
Cameron Jacobs, Lumbee
Elisa Martinez, Navajo/Zuni
Michael Woestehoff, Navajo
Jerome Kasey, White Mountain Apache

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