Ariana Grande Accused of Stealing a Drag Queen’s Likeness After Suing Forever 21 for Trademark Infringement

Arianna Grande recently sued fashion retailer Forever 21 for $10 million claiming the brand launched an unauthorized marketing campaign by using the look, audio, and lyrics from her hit single “7 Rings,” but the tables turned on Grande Wednesday when she was hit with a similar accusation.

Buzzfeed reports that drag queen Farrah Moan, best known for appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race, posted tweets claiming one of the looks Grande is suing for was stolen from her initially.

Posting a comparison, Moan claimed that Grande’s team took a picture of an outfit she wore on Drag Race to a designer and instructed them to “copy” the look.


Source: @farrahrized (Twitter).

Source: @farrahrized (Twitter).


In accompanying tweets, Moan said Grande’s team were the ones at fault, pointing out the irony that they would sue Forever 21 for “theft of likeness” when, according to Moan, this was exactly what Grande had done in the first place. “I guess stealing from queer artists for profit is fine tho,” Moan wrote.


Source: @farrahrized (Twitter).

Source: @farrahrized (Twitter).

Ariana Grande has yet to publicly respond to the allegations, and reps for the singer had no further comment.


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