COVID-19 Cases Rise Almost 70% According to the CDC

WASHINGTON, DC (FNN) – The White House COVID-19 Response Team and Public Health Officials raised a stark alarm during its latest press briefing Friday. According to Dr. Rochelle Walensky, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on July 15th the CDC reported more than 33,000 new cases of COVID-19, with the 7-day new…

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Governor DeSantis Signs Senate Bill 76; Hoping to Stabilize the Home Insurance Market

TALLAHASSEE – (FNN) Governor Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 76 in Sarasota Friday, making changes to Florida’s home insurance market. Some of SB76 provisions include: Prohibiting certain practices by contractors. Prohibiting contractors from executing a contract with a residental propoerty owner for a roofing repair or replacement unless a certain notice is included. Requiring property…

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President Biden Promises Swift and Effective Action for Missing and Murdered Indigenous People

WASHINGTON (FNN) – In recognition of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Awareness Day on May 4, 2021, President Biden signed a proclamation that read in part: “Today, thousands of unsolved cases of missing and murdered Native Americans continue to cry out for justice and healing. On Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Awareness Day, we remember…

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