Chiefs’ Groundhog Day Media Conference Features Questions About Eric Bienemy’s Head Coaching Prospects

The Kansas City Chiefs held their virtual Super Bowl media conference this Groundhog Day. This season’s Zoom calls are starting to feel familiar for the players, coaches, and reporters. QB Pat Mahomes was asked if he knew how many Zoom calls he’s been on this season, to which he responded, “More than I’ll probably ever have in the rest of my life after this. Every single day.”

Chiefs QB Pat Mahomes

Another recurring topic remains Coach Eric Bienemy and his quest to become a head coach in the NFL. “I learned a long time ago to persevere through adversity. I need to make sure whatever is taking place with Eric Bienemy isn’t becoming a distraction. Our guys are ready, working their tails off, that’s how you get past that. Our goal has always been to win the Super Bowl. My focus is making sure the Chiefs are ready to play. I’ll wait until after the Super Bowl to worry about me moving forward.”

Pat Mahomes shared a lesson he’s learned from Coach Bienemy, which is “Control what you can control, and that’s your work ethic every single day. That’s his mindset.” Coach Andy Reid also reiterated his support for Bienemy to become a head coach. “He works his tail off. He’s relentless in studying the game, in studying what would be his plan as a football coach. I don’t understand everything, I’m not an owner. Whoever gets him, whenever they get him, will be very lucky.”

Chiefs Coach Andy Reid dressed for Tampa weather

WR Sammy Watkins grew up in Ft Myers, and was asked about the location of the big game. “Playing a Super Bowl close to home is something special. It’s my second one in Florida. We won it last year (in Miami), hopefully we can get it done again.” Watkins also shared his thoughts about QB Pat Mahomes, “He makes it look so easy. He’s just so calm and relaxed. You never see him get rattled.”

Chiefs WR Sammy Watkins

RB Le’Veon Bell and Bucs’ WR Antonio Brown played together with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and now are going head to head in Super Bowl LV. When asked about sitting out for his final season with the Steelers, Bell had no regrets. “It helped me on the back end of my career, I felt like I was a rookie all over again. It elongated my career.” Bell also commented on joining the Chiefs mid-season, “The first day I came here, I loved it. Everybody around embraced me. I’m happy with how the season went, just gotta cap it off with a Super Bowl win. I’ve watched every Super Bowl since I was a kid, so this is like a dream come true. Gotta leave it all on the field and I gotta bring it all.”

Chiefs RB Le’Veon Bell

Groundhog Day feels like the other days, as the Chiefs continue to practice in Kansas City, preparing for Super Bowl LV.

Florida National News is in Tampa with coverage leading up to the big game on Sunday.

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