Florida DEO Report: State Sees 700,000 New Jobs in Last Year

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (FNN) – The Florida employment sector has grown 12.6% in the last year, the equivalent to 700,000 new jobs across all sectors, according to a presentation of the Department of Economic Opportunity in the Florida Senate Committee on Education.

Adrienne Johnston, director of the Division of Workforce Services of the DEO, indicated that the main growth is in positions being filled again by businesses most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, mainly in the service and hospitality area.

During the pandemic, the main advertised job opening posted online was for janitorial and cleaning personnel. Currently, the main post is for registered nurses, although the main occupation is for retail and salesperson.

The data comes from the second quarter report of the Bureau of Workforce Statistics and Economic Workforce and Florida employers census, the annual Occupational Employment Statistics program, and the monthly Employment Statistics Program survey.

Johnston’s presentation was focused on the DEO’s plans for closing potential labor supply gaps in the state.

“There’s a couple of things we’re doing to mitigate that (gap),” she said. “First, we are working with the staff of the Department of Education and the Board of Governors to work on a cross lock that works for the state of Florida so we can make those matches more meaningful and make sure that when we do match up education and training programs to an occupation that we’re accounting for those kinds of things.”

“We are also working on some research that will account for how some people move through occupations so we can bring in what we know about the broader population. We are looking at census data and looking at patterns there,” she added.


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