ORLANDO (FNN NEWS) – If you missed taking part of the Halloween festivities this past weekend or just not ready for your last chance to get into the Halloween spirit, you may still have a chance to get your spook on.

Meet Cocktails & Screams, the one place where Halloween never ends. This local bar displays characteristics worthy of pride and applause because it is the only Halloween-themed bar in Orlando and possibly the entire state.

It’s this unique theme that has been drawing guests far and wide since its opening in early October 2019 with decor, events and drinks that are absolutely bone-chilling. And not only does the ambience provide an exciting experience that encourages patrons to keep coming back, but the bar itself has several nooks and crannies perfect for photo ops that will make all of your friends come in for a scream.

Hours of operation are 12pm to midnight–just enough time to poke in and see what all the spook is about.


Kareen Kennedy is the Entertainment & Business Associate Editor for Florida National News. |

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