[OPINION] We’re on the Verge of a Civil War, No Guns Needed. THIS IS AN IMPEACHMENT FARCE.

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – After the vote tonight, Democrats will be taking a victory lap off a cliff and Republicans will be rightfully fuming. But what’s next…

There’s a reason why that’s not in the form of a question. The reality is, this action by Democrats in Congress will fire up the Trump base like most will never understand. Here’s why.

From the time President Trump won the election Democrats have suggested he needed to be impeached. 63 million Americans under an Electoral College process established long ago voted President Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Anyone watching this sham impeachment process has to wonder if the founding fathers had any idea this is how loosely impeachment would be used in modern times. I venture to guess this wasn’t their master plan.

For weeks now we’ve watched “Shifty Schiff” orchestrate what amounts to bad theater in the desired goal of undoing the 2016 election. But why? Well, that’s pretty easy.. Democrats will do anything to ensure “the people” don’t have a voice in the 2020 election. I mean, if they (Democrats) can somehow convince Americans Trump is guilty of something–anything–they’ll win in 2020, right? Not so fast. Here’s why:

-Best Economy in History
-Lowest Black unemployment in history
-Lowest Hispanic unemployment in history
-Record-breaking stock market
-Borders more secure than ever
-International policies that favor America and Americans for a change
-Strongest military in history

I could go on and on and on…

Bottom line, today is a sad day in the history of America. In fact, I’d argue Democrats have divided this country in an irreparable way. One day a Democrat might be elected POTUS…do you think, for a moment, this game won’t be played in the opposite way?

So as you walk down the street with your partner in life, with your children, the dog…know that we are no longer neighbors who converse over the fence or on the front porch. We’ve become a divided nation not because of Donald Trump, but because of decades of distrust in politicians in Washington. Our President is simply your punching bag as he highlights the truth, and that is truly sad. This civil war won’t include guns, but there will be ammunition most likely launched at family dinners, on social media, at the water cooler at work. Oh wait–that’s been going on for years. At its current pace, this new not-so-civil war will divide us in ways that may last for decades. WAKE UP, everyone. The country is at stake.

Today, I’m sad for our country. Lady Liberty is crying…ugly tears.


Randy Ross is a media personality, community influencer, and Politics Associate Editor for Florida National News. |

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