Property Appraiser Rick Singh Recovers $1 Billion for Orange County Tax Roll

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS)  – Orange County Property Appraiser Rick Singh, CFA,  announced Monday morning that his office has reached a landmark milestone by returning $1 billion to the Orange County tax roll. The additional taxable value, amassed between 2013 and 2019, was generated from a combination of categories: Tangible Personal Property (TPP) audits ($174 million), agricultural classification audits ($317 million), and investigations of homestead and other exemption compliance ($578 million).

“I am proud to report that our initiatives have been very successful in protecting the interests of Orange County taxpayers,” said Singh. “We are committed to holding everyone accountable at the same level so that we all pay our fair share. Reaching $1 Billion in returned taxable value to the tax base is an enormous accomplishment.”

Orange County Property Appraiser Rick Singh (Photo by Willie David / Florida National News)

Orange County Property Appraiser Rick Singh (Photo by Willie David / Florida National News)

The Orange County tax roll is comprised of the assessed value of all tangible personal property and real property within the county. Increasing the tax roll by returning taxable value that was previously withheld raises the overall assessed value that taxing authorities are able to tax.

Tangible Personal Property

Florida statutes require listing all personal property used by a business, such as computers, furniture, tools, and machinery on an annual tax return. Through an auditing process, all returns are thoroughly reviewed to ensure all TPP is claimed and valued.

Agricultural Classification Audits

Any AG classified property is thoroughly checked to ensure that the land is being used for bona fide agricultural purposes. If it is not, classification and exemption is removed.

Homestead and Other Exemptions Compliance

If a property is receiving a tax reduction from a homestead or another exemption and the owner of that property is abusing that privilege, OCPA investigates and revokes the exemption.

Since his 2012 election to the office, Singh has focused on putting taxpayers first by elevating the functions of the office through training and technology to increase the skills of the office’s appraisal staff.


Returning $1 billion to the tax roll will benefit the area for years to come. The resulting increased revenue can help fund schools, infrastructure, and parks in Orange County. “Remember, when we all pay our fair share, we all pay less,” added Singh. “This has more meaning than ever as we celebrate reaching this landmark achievement.”

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