The Super-Busy Person’s Guide to the Top 10 Summer Movies of 2019

ORLANDO (FNN NEWS) – Is the July Florida heat getting to your head? Need something to do? Tired of the average movies everyone talks about and want something different? Well, look no further, here is a list of the top ten summer movies to see in theaters that aren’t all mainstream blockbusters.

(By the way, these aren’t in any particular order of how good they are.)


Dark Phoenix

The “Dark Phoenix” film poster. Courtesy of Sony Pictures.

Courtesy of Sony Pictures.

Love Marvel or Game of Thrones? Well, this movie is the best of both worlds as Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark in the HBO hit, stars in the film’s title role alongside some of our favorites such as Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), Evan Peters (Quicksilver), Nicholas Hoult (Beast), Michael Fassbender (Magneto) and many more.


Late Night 

“Late Night” film poster. Courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Are you of fan of those late night comedy shows? Are you a fan of Emma Thompson, a.k.a. Nanny McPhee? Take those two things, add Mindy Kaling and you get Late Night, a film about a female comedy show host who teams up with a new writer, who is also female, to help her update the show. By the way, it’s guaranteed to be hilarious because Mindy wrote the script herself.


The Secret Life Of Pets 2 

“The Secret Life of Pets 2” clip. Courtesy of Illumination.

Courtesy of Illumination.

If you haven’t seen the first one yet, I recommend you do (if for no other reason than enjoying a fun watch). Watching the first film technically isn’t necessary since this one includes a recap, and a storyline that doesn’t exactly coincide with the first one. The gang returns for an epic and quite adorable adventure, and it’s great for everyone to see–not just the kids. It’s a great giggle session.


MIB: International 

Courtesy Columbia Pictures.

Courtesy Columbia Pictures.

No, no Will Smith this time. But…Chris Hemsworth, and tough female partner Tessa Thompson taking over? Hunting down aliens in suits and ties? I’ll take two tickets please!


Toy Story 4 

A scene from “Toy Story 4.” Courtesy of Disney.

A scene from “Toy Story 4.” Courtesy of Disney.

This fourth installment came as a surprise since most thought Toy Story 3 was the tear-jerking finale. That automatically means we’re all obligated to continue this Toy Story journey. So grab some tissues, some popcorn, the snake in your boot and head to your local theater.


Child’s Play 

A scene with Karen (Aubrey Plaza) in Child’s Play (2019). Courtesy of MGM Pictures.

A scene with Karen (Aubrey Plaza) in Child’s Play (2019). Courtesy of MGM Pictures.

Looking for something a little less superhero, comedy, or animation? Your favorite creepy doll is back! No, not Annabelle, although she’s back too. It’s Chucky! We’ve been given a remake of the original 1988 movie featuring an all new cast, including Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker, Star Wars) as the voice of Chucky, and Aubrey Plaza who, despite being in a movie about a murderous rubber doll, seems to be playing her most normal role as Karen Barclay.



Himesh Patel stars as Jack Malik in “Yesterday.” Courtesy of Universal.

Himesh Patel stars as Jack Malik in “Yesterday.” Courtesy of Universal.

If you’re a fan of the Beatles, this is the film for you. Can you imagine waking up one day, and you are the only person in the world who remembers the Beatles? Mind blown, I know. Now imagine stealing their music and pretending they are of your own creative genius. That is exactly this movie, and I hear it’s pretty great.


Spiderman: Far From Home 

Zendaya and Tom Holland return in “Spider Man: Far from Home.” Courtesy of Marvel Studios.

Courtesy of Marvel Studios.

It’s Tom Holland and Zendaya. Need I say anything more?


Lion King (in theaters July 19)

Lion King 2019. Courtesy of Disney.

Lion King 2019. Courtesy of Disney.

Out of all the Disney live action adaptations, this one has to be by far the most exciting. With quite the star studded cast that includes Beyoncé, Donald Glover, Seth Rogan, and so many more names we know and love. This live action, is probably one of the best gifts we could ever receive this 2019.


Artemis Fowl (in theaters August 9)

Artemis Fowl. Courtesy of Disney.

Artemis Fowl. Courtesy of Disney.

Continuing onto the world of adaptations the children’s book will be brought to the big screen this summer. However, there is a lot of controversy as the trailer seems to not create an accurate reflection of the beloved books. But for now we play the waiting game.


Well there you have it, summer plans for you and all your friends, or just you–whichever floats your boat. Out of these ten movies, which are you most excited to see? Or which have you seen? Leave a comment below.


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