VIDEO: Gillum Rallies 1,500+ in Conservative Martin County

STUART, Fla. — Today in Martin County, Mayor Andrew Gillum addressed a crowd of more than 1,500 Floridians after completing a boat tour of the toxic algae blooms affecting Florida’s east and west coasts. More than 1,500 Gillum supporters turned out in Stuart, a city of about 15,000 that voted for Trump by a 61-35 percent margin.

The historic turnout for  Mayor Gillum’s environmental rally follows a swing through historically conservative areas like Palatka, Palm Coast, and Sarasota. In Stuart today, crowds surged for a grassroots event to hear Mayor Gillum’s plans to address the environmental crisis.

“Crowds of this size in Martin County are unheard of,” said campaign communications director Johanna Cervone. “The energy and enthusiasm for Mayor Gillum and his vision for a Florida that works for everyone is incredible. Day after day, we’re seeing record crowds for Mayor Gillum in some of Florida’s most conservative areas. This movement is growing. As toxic algae and red tide hurt our economy and make people sick, Floridians are ready for a leader who will take on the special interests and make our environment a priority.”

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