15 Tips to Best Experience President Trump’s June 18th Campaign Kickoff in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – President Donald J. Trump returns to the heart of the I-4 corridor Wednesday June 18th to formally launch his 2020 re-election effort at Amway Center. This will be the POTUS’s first Orlando rally since his “Thank You Tour” visit soon after winning in 2016.

Here’s what you need to know to make the most of the POTUS’s June 18th rally here in Orlando.

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Come early. I’m not suggesting you need to sleep at the arena overnight, but the early bird certainly gets the best seats. Noon is my recommendation, but you might not want to stand in line that long. You’ll need to gauge your own ability to handle the Florida weather and determine what works best for you.

No umbrellas. Rather than bringing an umbrella, which security won’t allow into the event, drop by your local dollar store and get a poncho. In Florida, we all know we can have sunshine one minute and rain the next.

Hydrate. While you won’t be able to take water/food inside, bring water and snacks while you are waiting in line to go inside. You could be in line for a while and you certainly don’t want to become dehydrated or hungry.

Dress comfortably. This is not a fashion show. I highly encourage you to wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

Your signs or banners may not be allowed inside. I sincerely doubt they will allow you to take in homemade signs. While I have no confirmation, there will “most likely” be rally signs inside for you to share your enthusiasm for POTUS.

Bring a spare cell charger. If you don’t happen to have one, stop by your local discount store and grab a backup phone charger. Take it from me, the last thing you want is your phone to die before POTUS even takes the stage.

You might want to park away from Amway Center. Amway Arena is certainly used to parking thousands of people in its Geico Garage. To save yourself some stress, however, I would encourage you to park offsite and take an Uber or Lyft to the event. It’s less expensive and less stressful than being in the mix of people and parking at the venue.

Don’t bring chairs. I’d suggest leaving them in the car unless you have a plan, before you enter, to get them back to your car. They likely won’t let you store or take chairs inside. If you have a wheelchair or walker…entirely different scenario. (look for wheelchair signs to access the venue)

Stay safe. I’m sure it’s tempting to want to take security into your own hands should a popup protest occur. That’s what the Secret Service and police are onsite to handle. Simply move away and point at the situation so the team responsible for security can do their job.

Ignore the protestors. We’ve already seen the protestors are organizing. I simply encourage you to focus on our love of the POTUS and Country and not engage in exchanges. You’re not going to change them and they are certainly not going to change you.

Hungry? Enjoy Downtown dining. There are multiple places to eat and drink near and around the arena. I encourage you to look up “Places to Eat in Thornton Park.” Close enough, but will allow you to avoid crowds and lines.

Pack your patience. After being in line and waiting, stress levels can get the best of many of us. Just remember, everyone wants the same thing–to see and hear POTUS. I simply invite you to go with the flow.

Soak it all in. Once you’re inside and awaiting the classical music we’ve all come to expect, appreciate and love, take a look around. Your heart will fill. You are part of history again! Nothing better!

As a friend of mind once said, “Seeing the POTUS in person never gets old.” And it’s true…

In my recent interview on WESH TV 2, I said, “Media calls Florida a ‘Swing State,’ I’m calling Florida a ‘Trump State.’” 2016 and 2018 proved that!

Most of all, have fun. This is simply going to be: “O-MAZING!”


Community organizer and radio host Randy Ross is a political contributor for Florida National News. |

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