Representative Angie Nixon on Florida’s Failure to Draw Down COVID-19 Relief Funds for Public Education

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In order to help all states reopen schools safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Biden administration announced an allocation of more than $122 billion in relief for pre-k to 12 schools. Florida is the only state not to apply for a remaining available allocation of $2.3 billion. In addition, according to the US Department of Education, Florida’s Department of Education has drawn down some of the funds at the state level but has yet to award the funds to local agencies. Representative Angie Nixon (D-Jacksonville) issued the following statement.

“The Biden administration has done as much as possible to safely open schools in the midst of a global pandemic. I know that everyday Floridians are doing the absolute best for their children with what they’ve got. And yet, Florida’s failure of leadership has made it harder for us to have the freedom to live safe, healthy, and prosperous lives. We are the only state that has still not submitted a plan!

“As I watch one manufactured crisis after another, from banning masks to punishing schools for keeping our kids safe, to now refusing federal funds, it’s embarrassing. The uncertainty this creates for schools and families is absurd. All of Florida’s children, no matter who they are or where they live, deserve everything available in order to survive and thrive in this unimaginably difficult time.”

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