Representative Hinson Draws the Line on Governor DeSantis’ Proposed Redistricting Map

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – In preparation for the upcoming Special Session, Representative Yvonne Hinson (D-Gainesville) would like to announce her opposition to the Congressional Map proposed by Governor DeSantis.

The Governor has called legislators back to Tallahassee for a special session. The session will not address urgent problems like food insecurity in our communities. Rather, it will serve the Governor’s singular purpose of legislating a new Congressional map. Legislators passed a map during session. While it had flaws, this map was bipartisan and constitutional. The map the Governor proposed both then and now, draws new district boundaries that removes two Black access districts.

“Well, I draw the line. It is the responsibility of legislators to legislate, not the Governor. His heavy-handed role in this process is inappropriate and radically biased. He is focused on disenfranchising Black voters by any means necessary. We took an oath to honor the Florida Constitution which includes Fair Districts, and I plan to honor that. This means no maps that favor an individual, a party, nor diminish minority votes. This blatant attack on Congressional Districts 5 and 10 is unacceptable. I plan to fight against this map during the Special Session which will begin on Tuesday, April 19th. Let’s all draw the line and demand fair districts,” said Representative Hinson.

NAACP Alachua County Branch President Evelyn Foxx echoed Representative Hinson’s comments and issued the following statement.

“I think it is absurd that the Governor would do such an ugly thing. He wants to get rid of Black people in leadership of the state. We cannot allow anyone to do something so horrific and diminish African American seats. I don’t think he wants us to be a part of the process. We will not sit by idly and let him do this to us.”

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