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[OPINION] Schools Postponing Fall Sports is the Wrong Move

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – Orange County Public Schools has announced its indefinite postponement of all fall sports due to COVID-19. That’s the wrong move. Football. Swimming. Golf. Marching Band. Bowling. Cross Country. Add them to the list of relics of society stolen by coronavirus, or rather, the OCPS School Board. The country is in…

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Through a Glass Dimly: Our Self-Image Problem and How to Fix It

by Mellissa Thomas Let’s be honest. Not all women like themselves. In fact, most don’t, especially those in the U.S. Beauty’s definition has so been distilled to facial features and lady lump dimensions, that the only beauty left of beauty is the word itself. While we adore looking through glamour, beauty, and women’s magazines and…

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