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Hector “El Father” Delgado Opens Up About His New Film

MAITLAND, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – Hector Delgado, former Puerto Rican singer and rapper, went to the iHeart Radio studios for an interview on Rumba 100.3 in Maitland, Florida, to promote his movie, Hector “El Father” Delgado: Conoceras La Verdad, on April 5th. There he was asked questions on air during the radio program “El Relajo.”…

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2015 Florida Film Festival: Jordan Davis Documentary ‘3 1/2 Minutes’ Clears the Case’s Muddy Waters [Review]

by Mellissa Thomas Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Walter L. Scott, Jordan Davis—these young men’s names are forever etched in the American consciousness for their unjust deaths by police officers’ hands. However, while the public could only ever assess each case based on what the news media released and was at the mercy of…

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2015 Florida Film Festival: “Cartel Land” Reaches Moral Core of U.S. Border Issue From Both Sides [Review]

WINTER PARK, FL (FNN News) – “Where is the line between good and evil?” the provocative documentary demands on its ominous poster above a silhouetted man in fatigues pensively beholding the mountainous twilight holding an assault rifle. Cartel Land presents two simultaneous narratives: American border vigilante Tim Nailer and the charismatic Dr. Jose Mireles of…

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2015 Florida Film Festival: The 5 Can’t-Miss Elements to Make a World-Changing Documentary

by Mellissa Thomas     The 2015 Florida Film Festival devoted its Thursday morning to the solemn and often underrated art of documentary filmmaking. Full Sail University’s Film MFA Program Director Maylen Dominguez moderated the lively “Making Meaning: Films that Change the World” discussion with a panel that included documentary subject Tony Sullivan (of Limited…

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2015 Florida Film Festival: ‘The Case of the Three-Sided Dream’ Sheds Light on Little-Known Jazz Revolutionary [Review]

by Mellissa Thomas Does the name Rahsaan Roland Kirk ring a bell? If it does, you’re among a rare population of music lovers and historians. If you are among the millions that have never heard of him, consider yourself introduced. The Case of the Three-Sided Dream chronicles the enigmatic blind multi-instrumentalist’s life and his eccentric…

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Pras Shifts Haitian and Documentary Paradigm with ‘Sweet Micky for President’ [Review]

by Mellissa Thomas   Sweet Micky for President Story by Pras Michel (Pras) Directed by Ben Patterson Produced by Prasperity Productions in association with Onslot Films and RYOT Films     The massive 2010 earthquake in Haiti forever changed the nation, killing thousands and displacing millions; and the world outpoured over $9 billion in aid.…

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