Hector “El Father” Delgado Opens Up About His New Film

MAITLAND, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – Hector Delgado, former Puerto Rican singer and rapper, went to the iHeart Radio studios for an interview on Rumba 100.3 in Maitland, Florida, to promote his movie, Hector “El Father” Delgado: Conoceras La Verdad, on April 5th. There he was asked questions on air during the radio program “El Relajo.” During the breaks, the in-studio audience could interview Delgado and receive prayers for health or any other situation.

One audience member asked, “When I see the movie, am I going to see your truth?”
“You aren’t going to know my truth, you are going to know the truth of all those who distanced themselves from God,” Delgado responded. “Like the truth of Michael Jackson that he could not tell. Robin Williams, Whitney Houston, and many others.”

In between questions, he cleared up who he is now. “Before, it was Hector ‘El Father,’ now I am the son of the father.”

He added that if the movie theater rooms don’t fill up and the movie’s message doesn’t go through, then he failed. “I’m not looking for attention anymore, or applauses, I look for people to find the same Christ that I found.”

While wrapping up the questions, a lady came close and asked for a prayer for herself. Delgado started to pray and then started fighting with a demon that she had. Only the people there were witnesses that what happened was real.

Hector Delgado has ministered even in jails and has changed the lives of many prisoners.

The movie was filmed in Puerto Rico and a portion was also filmed in Orlando, FL. It is showing in different theaters across Central Florida as well as in Philadelphia, New Jersey, the Dominican Republic and other countries.

Delgado, whose full name is Hector Delgado Roman, was a rapper, singer and Puerto Rican music producer. Previously known for his artistic name Hector “El Father”, Delgado has worked with several reggaeton producers and has recorded several musical albums.

After retirement, he obtained a license in Theology at Southern Methodist University and has dedicated his life to the search for God.


Aixa Torres is a contributor for Florida National News. Article edited by Mellissa Thomas. |

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