VIDEO: Adam Putnam Talks Algae Blooms, Washington Politics, Florida First at Lakeland Rally

LAKELAND, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – Florida GOP gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam rallied voters at the Magnolia Building in Lakeland Tuesday evening, his third stop for the fifth day on his nine-day “Florida First” bus tour. Lakeland Mayor Bill Mutz and Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd joined Putnam at the rally and Sheriff Judd introduced Putnam to the audience of 300-plus voters.

For Sheriff Judd, Putnam is more than a candidate. “For me, this is personal…I’ve known Adam Putnam his whole life.” He added,

“Adam Putnam is the best person to be Governor of the state of Florida. He’s a Christian man, he’s a family man, he’s a man who grew up in our public schools systems, he’s a man whose children are in our public school system, he’s a man that I’ve always turned to when I needed help for the people Polk County, he’s a hardworking man, he’s my friend and he’ll be the next Governor of the state of Florida.”

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During his rally speech, Putnam spoke to the power of grassroots and specifically the success of his own campaign, having knocked on “over 400,000 doors” across Florida. He also fired his shots after GOP primary opponent Congressman Rick DeSantis by comparing their endorsements. Putnam acknowledged that while DeSantis’ endorsement from President Trump “is a pretty big one,” he would gladly take the endorsements he has received from fifty Florida sheriffs, Attorney General Pam Bondi, and Florida businesses and organizations any day, because his focus is “Florida First.”

“You’ve got a choice in this election between putting Florida first or the Washington way,” he stressed at the rally and with the press thereafter. “I say we need to put Florida first. To make Florida the most family-friendly, jobs-friendly and the most veteran-friendly state in the country.”

During the media scrum after the speech, Putnam also talked with Florida National News about how he would go about solving the algae bloom and red tide emergency as well as his plans for the Puerto Rican evacuees in Florida. Watch our interview to learn more.


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