Wendy on Wednesday: 3 Wardrobe Items to Fall in Love With

Wendy on Wednesdays: Florida National News column by image expert Wendy Lyn Phillips.

As seasons change, so should your look. In the business world, the value of making powerful first impressions is essential. As we transition from the summer heat to a new season, it means changing up your wardrobe. Yes, even in Florida, where the heat will linger, it’s still a good idea to rotate some items from the back of your closet to the front etc.

Someone that knows a lot about having an image with impact is FNN News’s newest business and style contributor, Wendy Lyn Phillips. Wendy Lyn is an image and branding expert that has coached thousands on the value of having a compelling presence and using that to create more open door opportunities both personally and professionally for the last 25 years. She is the author of the best-selling book Naked to Knockout: Beauty from the Inside Out and has worked in media as a guest, a host and producer. You can connect with her at

“One aspect of having an image with an impact is that you wear clothes that flatter your figure,” says Wendy. “Another is that you wear colors that compliment your natural coloring rather than compete with your skin tone and hair color.” Yet another component to the equation is looking “fashion forward.” Not everyone should wear every new fashion trend, that’s for sure. And staying current lets others know you’re “in the know,” so to speak. In whatever industry you serve, having a certain amount of credibility comes from looking the part and incorporating even 1 of these 3 fall trends, will add to your credibility factor. Wendy is often quoted saying, “Look the part to get the role you want in life.”

Infographic by Wendy Lyn Phillips.

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