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Wendy on Wednesday: Become a Visible Authority

Happy PINKtober! I want to give a shout out to all of you incredible super survivors. I admire your strength and celebrate with you. I think it’s great that we devote a specific time to focus on women’s health. We are indeed all stronger when we stand together in support. Keep sharing your stories of…

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Wendy on Wednesday: What’s Your Little Blue Box?

If you’ve been down 5th Ave in NYC you’ve probably visited the famous jewelry store known for these precious and pricey little iconic, aqua colored boxes? You’re right, I’m talking about Tiffany’s. They have a unique packaging brand that allows the receiver of the gift to know instantly that something very special is inside. Some…

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Wendy on Wednesday: A Woman’s Wardrobe Staple–Nice in Navy

Part of the reason a businesswoman may not get taken seriously is that she doesn’t look like a credible authority in her field. And if she is a credible authority, she’s busy–often too busy to worry about looking savvy, professional or on trend. With this one wardrobe staple, she doesn’t have to think too much…

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Wendy on Wednesday: 3 Wardrobe Items to Fall in Love With

As seasons change, so should your look. In the business world, the value of making powerful first impressions is essential. As we transition from the summer heat to a new season, it means changing up your wardrobe. Yes, even in Florida, where the heat will linger, it’s still a good idea to rotate some items…

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