Wendy on Wednesday: Got a Message You Want Others to Hear?

Wendy on Wednesdays: Florida National News column by image expert Wendy Lyn Phillips.

Do you have a message that you’d like others to hear? Would you like more people to hear your message? Or…know about your product, service or business? If so, I hope you are using video to broaden your platform and help explode your message! It worked for me.

But here’s the thing: I’ve made a lot of mistakes, so I want to help you not repeat them.

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Questions I Often Get Asked…

Q: Can you take good pictures/videos even when you’re having a bad hair day?
A: Yes. Use a spray shine gloss to add sheen to your hair, shoot from an angle side (not straight on) & wear brighter lipstick and a bold earring. Otherwise, put a hat on a SMILE!

Q: What’s up with all the ripped jeans, patched jeans, various acid washes and rolled up jeans?
A: Jeans are indicative of your own style…we love expressing ourselves through our clothing and jeans are always on trend! On my recent trip to Europe, most of the men wore skinny jeans rolled up at the ankle.


image011Wendy Lyn Phillips is an image and branding expert that has coached thousands on the value of having a compelling presence and using that to create more open door opportunities both personally and professionally for the last 25 years. She is the author of the best-selling book, Naked to Knockout Beauty from the Inside Out and has worked in media as a guest, a host and producer. You can connect with her at

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