2020 Florida Republican Primary: Central Florida Congressional Winners

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN) – Voters hit the polls on Tuesday to cast their ballot in Central Florida; three interesting congressional races are set.

Results from polls around Seminole, Orange, and Osceola counties came quickly last night and candidates either rejoiced or mourned as the numbers rolled in. From city commissioners, to school board members, to congressional candidates, it was a busy night of election watch parties.

At the congressional level, three Republican victors won their primaries in Districts 7, 9, and 10 and are moving on to the General Election to face three Democratic incumbents.


District 7

Incumbent Stephanie Murphy, Democrat, had no opponent and ran unopposed.

On the Republican ticket, three candidates vied for the winning spot: Richard Goble, Leo Valentin, and Yukong Zhao.

Final results:
Leo Valentin: 19,833 votes | 38%
Richard Goble : 19,178 votes | 37%
Yukong Zhao : 12,329 votes | 24%

With a difference of only about 600 votes, Leo Valentin managed to grasp the nomination and will move on to the general election. Valentin is Harvard Medical school graduate and runs his own radiology practice.

District 7 is considered safely Democratic, but its large Republican population make it a possible flip.


District 9

Incumbent Darren Soto, Democrat, had no opponent and ran unopposed.

On the Republican ticket, four candidates vied for the winning spot: William “Bill” Olson, Christopher Wright, Jose Castillo, and Sergio Ortiz.

Final results:
William “Bill” Olson: 20,723 votes | 48%
Christopher Wright: 9,669 votes | 22%
Jose Castillo: 8,588 votes | 20%
Sergio Ortiz: 3,678 votes | 8%

Olson won the night with a 26-point margin, safely clinching the nomination. Olson spent nearly 30 years in the U.S. Army before retiring and working in Disney Parks.

District 9 is considered solid Democratic, and incumbent Soto won by nearly 50,000 votes in 2018.


District 10

Incumbent Val Demings, Democrat, had no opponent and ran unopposed.

On the Republican ticket, two candidates vied for the winning spot: Vennia Francois and Willie Montague.

Final results:
Vennia Francois: 21,468 votes | 65%
Willie Montague: 11,486 votes | 35%

Francois won by 30 points, more than any other congressional race in the state. Her race against Demings is highly anticipated. Francois is an attorney and former staffer for U.S. Representative John Mica and Senator Mel Martinez.

District 10 is considered solid Democratic after its redistricting.


Marcos Barrios is a Florida National News contributing writer. The avid writer and musician is passionate about politics and entertainment in Florida and abroad.

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