Supervisor Daisy Morales Endorses Blind Candidate in Soil & Water Conservation District Race

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN) – Orange Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor Daisy Morales has endorsed the Board’s first legally blind candidate, Karolyn Campbell, who is running for Supervisor Morales’s seat.

“I endorse Karolyn Campbell for Orange Soil & Water Conservation District Seat 2. She brings experience and extensive knowledge of Orange County’s natural resources,” said Supervisor Morales.

What’s Supervisor Morales’s interest in Campbell?

Campell, a military veteran, serves on the Orange County Disability Board, for which Supervisor Morales also serves as Vice Chair. The two have also worked together on previous community events with Campbell often volunteering with Supervisor Morales.

Campbell has a background in environmental education, life cycle sustainment, soil and water conservation management and green initiatives. As a speaker and mentor, she’s been an advocate for increasing diversity, women, and people with special needs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) for creative solutions.

For Supervisor Morales, advocating for the special needs community has been a years-long and personal cause, and became a campaign promise in her run for State Representative for District 48. She was the legal guardian and caretaker for her mother and special needs sister, both of whom are now deceased.

Supervisor Morales won the Democratic nomination for State Representative District 48 against four opponents during Florida’s primary Tuesday night.

“I promised the people of District 48 that I would go to Tallahassee and fight for quality healthcare for all and for the special needs community, she told the Florida National News in a telephone interview. What better way to advocate for them than to help someone from the community get elected to public office?” Supervisor Morales added. “Karolyn is more than qualified for the seat.”

Campbell, a UCF graduate, has four Bachelor of Science degrees: in Biomedical Sciences, Biology, Molecular and Microbiology, and Psychology; she holds a Master of Science in System Engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School and a Master of Business Administration in Aviation and Finance from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Campbell also graduated from the Department of the Navy Acquisition Development Program in August 2012. She is Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Level III Career Field Certified in Engineering and Life Cycle Logistics and also holds certifications in Program Management, Facilities Engineering, Science & Technology Management, SPRDE – Program Systems Engineering, and is a Defense Acquisition Corps Member.

Campbell is running against Sean McQuade in a special election in November to serve the remaining two years of Supervisor Morales’s Seat 2 term. The seat is up for grabs again in 2022.

McQuade ran against incumbent Supervisor Morales in the 2018, losing with 144,321 votes to Morales’s 256,342.

The general election takes place November 3, 2020.


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