Before You Cook that Turkey…Is Your Kitchen Safe?

It’s already that time of year! Time to gather with family and friends, and feast without feeling guilty. As we all prepare to take our turkeys out of the freezer, we must ask ourselves if we created an environment conducive of cooking the bird without risk of contamination.


Have you washed your hands thoroughly? What may seem like a no-brainer, is certainly one sure-fire step to preventing food-bourne illness.


Have you washed your sink thoroughly? Cross contamination is highly possible when multiple items are washed in the same sink. Be sure to clean your sink with soap and water and then a bleach or alcohol based solution immediately after handling raw meats. A USDA study showed that 60% of the sinks utilized for handing raw poultry, were contaminated following usage.


Have you checked the temp? Cool your turkey thoroughly to 165 Fahrenheit. Insert your thermometer to the innermost part of the breast, wing, or thigh.


Have you stored your food properly? Perishable foods are only safe at room temperature for approximately 2 hours. Before you go back for seconds or thirds, make sure the food has been properly stored in the fridge or discarded if over the two-hour window.


Samantha Nicole is an entertainment lifestyle contributor for Florida National News.


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