Chairman Daisy Morales Announces New Website for Orange Soil and Water Conservation District

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – After four years of ongoing board meetings and delays to create a website, Supervisor and new Board Chair Daisy Morales announced Wednesday the launch of the Orange Soil & Water Conservation District’s (OSWCD) newly designed website, which can be viewed at

State law requires all special districts, including the Orange Soil and Water Conservation District, to have their own website by October 1, 2015.

Supervisor Morales worked closely with Seat 5 Supervisor and Board Secretary Tiffany Dziekan to bring the website together. “Our website is an important online resource for individuals and government agencies seeking vital information on the district,” said Morales. “We will continue to tweak, change and update the website as new information becomes available.”



The new OSWCD website is user friendly and includes a wealth of information on the district’s powers, and the duties and responsibilities of its elected supervisors. It even lists Section 582.20, Florida Statutes, which details the district’s powers, verbatim.

The site has links to various OSWCD activities, programs and projects, and shares links to organizational partners at the local, state and federal levels. It also details board meeting times and provides information on the governing Board of Supervisors.



The website was another step in Chair Morales’s mission to ensure that the district complies with the various state laws that govern the operation of special districts.

To that end, she is also proposing workshops for the elected supervisors, which would cover code of ethics for public officers and appointed members, public meetings and public records requirements, public finance and parliamentary procedures.

“It’s important that the district and its elected supervisors are in compliance with state laws and administrative rules,” Morales told Florida National News.


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