Film Preview: ‘SYNCHRONIC’ Promises a Darker Spin on Time Travel

PLANO, Tx. (FNN) – Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead return to the box office with their latest sci-fi horror directed effort, SYNCHRONIC.

The film debuted last year at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival. After favorable reviews, Well Go USA Entertainment picked up the film for distribution. This is the second film that Well Go USA is distributing from the directing duo after 2017’s The Endless. The mind-bending sci-fi thriller is scheduled to be released in theaters nationwide next Friday, October 23.

SYNCHRONIC follows a tale of two New Orleans paramedics whose lives are ripped apart after a series of horrific deaths caused by a new designer synthetic drug. The infamous drug’s effects in the film involve time travel, giving the user euphoric feelings that warp perception of time and memory.

Moorhead & Benson’s directing techniques work well for this artistic angle. Their films have been heralded for their expert manipulation of time on the silver screen. This angle allows them even more freedom to execute this directive flair.

In an interview with TheWrap last year, Benson mentioned his inspiration for Synchronic came from an 80’s film that played during the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. He then added that switching up the perspective of storytelling for their movie was a vital component when writing the screenplay. Instead of telling the story from a white heterosexual male’s perspective like the 80’s film depicted, new perspectives and angles had the possibility to make the story ‘more darker,’ which became the driving component for SYNCHRONIC.

The sci-fi horror film received favorable reviews upon release. Rotten Tomatoes scored the film 85/100 after its debut at the TIFF. IMDb gave the film a 6.7/10 meta critic score. The film features a prominent lead acting duo in Jamie Dornan and Anthony Mackie. The buddy paramedic duo of Dennis (Dornan) and Steve (Mackie) give the film a new element of luster that makes SYNCHRONIC stand out from previous Moorhead & Benson films.

As the United States slowly picks up the pieces after the COVID-19 pandemic, the movie industry is taking similar steps. After suffering a massive hit for summer blockbusters, the changing landscapes of laws and safety regulations have made fall releases just as sporadic or delayed altogether. While bigger movie companies have opted to delay their blockbusters or release them strictly for streaming platforms, smaller production companies have been finding a home in this new pandemic film era.

Some theater companies such as Touchstar Cinemas and Regal Cinemas have already opened their doors locally. Each theater company has taken the necessary steps to stay in accordance with CDC guidelines in order to maintain business. While the movie theater experience in 2020 has been severely altered, the experience has not been completely changed.

For many American families, frequent movie-going is a standard weekend activity that has been affected due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Slowly but surely, industries are finding ways to operate with the virus and continue the flow of commerce. But it’s important to maintain proper safety protocols in order to not exacerbate the number of cases even further.


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