Behind The Scenes Scoop: The Makeup Behind Florida Fashion Weekend’s Magnetic Looks

by Liz Everett

It was lights, camera, action at Florida Fashion Weekend this month here in Orlando, Florida, which included a Kickoff Press Party & Mixer Friday night and the “Love & War: Age of Enlightenment” Fashion Show Saturday night. The vibe at Jai Gallery was amazing; it set the tone for a fashion-fabulous weekend that was full of beauty everywhere you looked. From gorgeous models to all the right guests and talented designers, it was the perfect opportunity to get fashionably inspired.


Working the Kickoff Press Party & Mixer


Misly Beltinor's models pose as living mannequins after they walk the gallery. Photo by Kevin Coates.

Misly Beltinor’s models pose as living mannequins after they walk the gallery. Photo by Kevin Coates.


One of the Misly Beltinor models pose as a human mannequin. Photo by Brion Price Photography.

Photo Source: Brion Price Photography


As part of the hair and makeup team, I started out working the Kickoff Press Party, which featured Misly Beltinor’s designs. Great hair and makeup is key to enhancing the garments as well as the overall feeling of a showcase. Once we saw the gorgeous color pop in Misly’s designs, fellow artist Helen and I came up with a very sensual smoky eye palette; and went with a very berry stained lip look that offset the chic overall glam. I have to say, each model truly brought something different to the table for the overall visual, which made the hair and makeup process tons of fun.


Bringing the Night’s Makeup Looks Home with You

So you may be asking, “Where do I start if I wanted to get that runway look for myself?” I recommend starting where any great makeup artist begins, which is with a great face primer and a great palette for a smoky eye. My top three picks for primers are MAC Prep+Prime, Smashbox Photo Finish or Too Faced Primed & Poreless.

For great smoky eye palettes, I recommend Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar, Lorac’s Unzipped, and Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palettes. That way, you can get the same gorgeous smoky eye and flawless finish the models had during the Kickoff Press Party & Mixer.

It was a total MAC attack all the way for both shows with MAC Prep+Prime as a starter for each face I worked on. When you want a perfect finish for your face, primer is the key. I made sure to really cover every inch of the models’ faces with a primer so their photo finish would be second to none. Like anything else, the initial stages of what I do literally build the foundation for a gorgeous face.


Making the Love & War Looks for Saturday

On Saturday, we pumped up the color with African inspired designs by Brandi “Bahiyah” Wajd and the glamour of Yong Lin’s collection. The hair and makeup team tripled in size to accommodate the size of the shows. We got a chance to pump up the volume in every way for the runway. For outstanding eye color, I turned to Coastal Scents metallic palette and Urban Decay’s electric palette as well. From crazy color eyeliner to color-pigmented creases, it was such an amazing experience to see not just the models, but the entire process come together.


Model Lori Katz models Yong Lin's Eastern wedding garb during Florida Fashion Weekend. Photo by Kevin Coates.

Model Lori Katz models Yong Lin’s Eastern wedding garb during Florida Fashion Weekend. Photo by Kevin Coates.


One of my secrets, besides a great primer, is also using a thicker powder setting than usual, which is important for great runway photos. A matte finish on my models’ faces was integral to the success of even the red carpet images. Milani and Motives cosmetics finishing powders were my choice for the Florida Fashion Weekend event. Overall, I had an amazing time because I know each and every guest did too! I can’t wait for Downtown Orlando Fashion Week 2014 in November!


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