“It’s Not About Having a Sheet of Paper”: Gov. DeSantis Approves Funds for Workforce Education

BOWLING GREEN, Fla. (FNN) – Florida governor Ron DeSantis announced $2.3 million in funds for rapid credentialing workforce and education programs, such as Logistics and Commercial Driver Licenses (CDL), during a press conference on Thursday at the Hardee Campus at South Florida State College.

“If you look at our economy these days, a four-year university degree is not always the best way to be successful. In fact, you’ll see a lot of people go deep into debt and end up with a degree in something like zombie studies, and then they wonder why the seas won’t part with them. It’s not about having a sheet of paper, it’s about what skills you really are equipped with,” said the governor.

Rapid credentialing programs are designed to accelerate pandemic recovery for Florida residents and the state economy by increasing all of Florida’s state and technical colleges’ capacity to enroll and graduate students in short-term, in-demand, high-wage occupation and workforce programs.

“Workforce education provides a pathway for Floridians to succeed, but also helps alleviate the damage being wrought by inflation and supply chain interruptions,” said DeSantis. “We are facing supply chain shortages caused by bad federal policies and a lack of investment in workers across our country. In Florida, we are stepping up by providing support to skilled trades that are essential for a strong economy.”

The immediate collective impact is estimated to benefit 1,200 students by May of 2022 and 2,000 by August of 2022. The six institutions that will receive the funds are State College of Florida for CDL training ($930,000); Manatee Technical College for Logistics (forklift) and CDL training ($550,000); South Florida State College for CDL training ($415,000); North Florida Technical College for CDL training ($100,000); Florida Gateway College for Licensed Practical Nursing training ($135,000); and the College of Florida Keys for Licensed Practical Nursing and Surgical Technology training ($150,000).

Governor DeSantis also provided an update on his wife Casey, who just completed her first round of chemotherapy to treat breast cancer. “She’s fought very hard, we think she’s responded very well,” he said. “She ran that gauntlet, she’s doing well, and we look forward to having more good news over the next few weeks and months.” DeSantis announced his wife’s cancer in October of 2021. The couple have three young children, the youngest of which was the first baby born in the Governor’s mansion in fifty years.

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