Homecoming Game vs. ECU a Must-Win for the UCF Knights

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN SPORTS) – There’s been a lot of homecoming talk lately, and homecoming games are always intense, fun and extraordinary. Not sure what that is? Here’s the quick definition: A homecoming football game is a tradition where a football team is returning to their home field after a road trip. If there are two words to describe tomorrow’s UCF Knights vs. ECU Pirates game at Spectrum Stadium, it would be intense and must-win.

Despite so many expectations placed on UCF, this team has been on a roller coaster. Heading into this season, there have been questions whether the Knights are legitimate contenders and/or should they be in the College Football Playoff. This squad started this season off with an undefeated 3-0 record. After losing to both the Pittsburgh Panthers and Cincinnati Bearcats, they bounced back with a win over Connecticut.


What Does UCF Need to Do to Win This Game And Keep Their Season Alive?

What UCF need to do to win this game? UCF has to be focused. The Knights have to attack early on offense. Freshman quarterback Dillion Gabriel needs to be comfortable in the offense and attack the defense with more of his throwing than his running ability. The defense has to be more physical, rush the quarterback, and create an impact.


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