[OPINION] I’m Gay and I support President Trump…and So Do MANY Others in the LGBTQ Community.

ORLANDO, Fla. (FNN NEWS) – On a pretty regular basis I hear or observe gay people bashing our President. Often, especially on social media, when I engage to simply inquire where the basis of that anger or hate comes from I am met with a plethora of responses, but rarely with any substance or facts. It’s like the left is sitting around waiting for a conservative like me to offer a differing opinion, and boom.

As an openly gay man that ran the Trump campaign in Orange County, Florida, in 2016 and continues as part of the volunteer Trump/Victory fundraising re-election team, I can tell you I have received death threats leveled against my family and me. Threats to my employers and sponsors of events and programs I worked on. All because I openly supported then (and now) candidate Donald J. Trump. In fact, literally anyone that came in contact with me that was gay was banished if they didn’t join the hate bandwagon. Nearly every gay person I know that had walked beside me to support AIDS walks and domestic abuse causes abandoned me.

But wait a minute, I knew something they didn’t and refused to acknowledge those pesky facts:

· President Trump has appointed not one but two openly gay Ambassadors of the United States in Randy W. Berry (Nepal) and Richard Grenell (Germany)
· President Trump has appointed multiple openly gay judges.
· President Trump has announced a plan to eradicate HIV/AIDS by 2030.
· President Trump has gay people working in his administration and on his re-election campaign. I worked alongside many gay people in 2016 and still do supporting this President.
· President Trump has always employed gay people in his multiple businesses.

But let’s focus on what has affected us all for a moment that has nothing to do with sexual orientation:
· Lowest unemployment rate in decades.
· Lowest Black unemployment in history.
· Lowest Hispanic unemployment in history.
· A booming economy that knows no race, gender or sexual orientation.
· A robust and improved military. America’s safety matters.
· Trade deals that favor America versus other countries.

And then there’s me–an openly gay former Democrat-turned-Republican Trump supporter. I was onboard when he came down the escalator of Trump Tower. I fought the establishment to become his 2016 Orange County Chairman in a town (Orlando) run by Democrats who often pander to the LGBTQ community as if somehow Democrats care more about equality than President Trump. A baseless suggestion.

And before someone claims he doesn’t support transgenders in the military, even the gay community isn’t 100% supportive of the transgender community. Don’t believe me? Ask a transgender. I’m not just saying that. I’ve talked with my transgender friends. We are not required to support every part of the acronym of LGBTQ community. There was no oath signed. We’re all Americans. Thriving Americans.

Here’s the deal. The argument that our President doesn’t care about the gay community is simply ridiculous and unfounded. President Trump cares about ALL Americans. Maybe the real question for the gay community is do you care about jobs, our booming economy, low unemployment, lowest unemployment in history for Black people and Hispanics, safety at our borders, a strong military, supporting our men and women in law enforcement and fair and balanced trade deals that support America? The gay community might want to check their own intolerance regarding those with differing opinions. I, nor anyone in the gay community, should be identified by sexual orientation and expect acceptance that supersedes other sects. It doesn’t work that way.

Of course, I know this won’t be a popular opinion in the gay community. I won’t win an award for outstanding gay because I pointed out the truth. But–and there is a but–I know I stand with so many in the gay community that like and respect this President and his politics and will be voting for him in 2020. I, like so many, just happen to be a gay conservative. It doesn’t define me. Above all…I am an American! There’s no flag more important than the red, white and blue.


Randy Ross is a radio personality, influencer. He is also the Politics Associate Editor for Florida National News. |

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