[OPINION] Why are We Voting on Whether LGBTQ Parents Can Adopt? Let Them.

The debate for LGBTQ+ rights rages on, and whether or not they should be able to adopt children remains a sticking point. According to, 80% of Americans believe LGBTQ+ parents should be allowed to adopt as long as they pass the same background checks as straight couples. Conversely, 20% believe that a mother-and-father family structure is best for a child, adoption agencies should prioritize straight couple adoptions, and that LGBTQ+ parents simply shouldn’t be allowed to adopt. 96% of Democrats voted yes, 55% were Republicans.

In my opinion, should be allowed to adopt as long as they pass the necessary background checks as a straight couple. It’s unfair to not only make them feel less of a person by arguing over their rights, but to consider taking away their opportunity to create a family just because they love someone of the same gender. If we lived in a world where the roles were reversed, where straight couples were a community that had to fight for their rights, I’m more than positive straight couples would feel the way LGBTQ+ couples feel now. They are just as much of a person as you and I are, so why shouldn’t they be treated as such?

The LGBTQ+ community faces daily struggles that others of us don’t face. They are hated for just being who they are. They are hated by people who don’t accept them, and while times have changed from generation to generation, it’s nearly 2020. All they ask for is the right to love who they love. The fact we have to take it as far as voting on who people can and cannot love is a bit scary. We’re leaving everything in the hands of our government, handing all of our decisions over on a silver platter.

Is that the best idea? To have to take a vote on things such as adoption rights, abortion, religious freedom, marital rape? Are we making the right decision by allowing the government to make our decisions?


Raquel Paredes is a contributor for Florida National News. |

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