The 11 Immutable Laws of Internet Branding [Infographic]

female statue holding up the letters INCHave you been suffering information overload in your quest to brand your business? There are so many blogs and company sites out there, it’s hard to separate out the bad information from the useful. Are you looking for something solid and timeless?

Great news: we’ve got the branding information we’re looking for.

Al and Laura Ries (father and daughter), well-respected branding and marketing consultants, penned The 11 Immutable Laws of Internet Branding back in 2002. Amazingly, the laws they crafted over a decade ago still hold fast today.

 chalkboard infographic of the 11 laws

Here’s a snapshot of the 11 Immutable Laws:

1. The Law of Either/Or: Either use the Internet as a medium, or use it to create your brand from scratch. It won’t seamlessly carry over your offline brand.

2. The Law of Interactivity: In order to be successful, your website must be interactive and engaging.

3. The Law of the Common Name: Common domain names like or make poor brands because they’re not memorable.

4. The Law of the Proper Name: A solid name meets 8 criteria: short, simple, category-suggestive, unique, alliterative, speakable, shocking, and personalized.

5. The Law of Singularity: There’s only room for one champion brand in any category in the online world. Small businesses = niche players.

6. The Law of Advertising: Offline advertising is bigger than Internet advertising (for now).

7. The Law of Globalism: The Internet has removed all barriers and borders. All web-based businesses are global businesses.

8. The Law of Time: The brand that first imprints on a prospect’s mind has the advantage.

9. The Law of Vanity: Don’t expand into other categories under your one brand — stick to its original purpose only. If you want to expand, create separate brands for each new category.

10. The Law of Divergence: A one-stop shop website goes against the laws of branding.

11. The Law of Transformation: The Internet has pervaded every aspect of our lives. We’ve all come to expect more reasonable prices online, and in some cases, better customer service (e.g. free shipping, tax-free orders, free returns).


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  1. Ries, A & Ries, L. (2002). The 22 immutable laws of branding. (Rev. ed.). New York, NY: CollinsBusiness.



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