Rep. Morales’s Barber Services Bill Clears First House Committee

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Daisy Morales, a freshman state representative from Orlando, is celebrating a major legislative milestone in having her bill pass the first House committee on International Women’s Day, Monday morning. The measure, House Bill 855, passed the House Regulatory Reform Subcommittee with a 16-0 vote.

The bill authorizes barbers to shampoo, cut, or arrange hair in locations other than their registered barbershop without specified arrangements.

“I’m thankful that my colleagues voted in favor of my first House bill,” said Morales. “This will knock down barriers and allow barbers to better serve their clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

State Senator Linda Stewart sponsored Senate Bill 1176, HB 855’s companion bill in the Senate. “The state has been on a trend of deregulating professions to provide access to services for more Floridians,” said Stewart. “This bill addresses an oversight in the recent deregulation package that allowed cosmetologists to perform services outside of their establishments, but failed to grant barbers that same privilege.”

Senator Stewart’s bill is currently in the Regulated Industries; Commerce and Tourism Committee.

Rep. Morales’s bill moves next to the House Commerce Committee.

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